China Galwan misadventure

China Galwan misadventure
Global strategist and analysts were monitoring each and every step taken by Indians on Mil, political and economic fronts.

Mr. Rajnath's visit to Russia, Mr. Jaishankar addressing RIC, Modi continuously liaison with all the top leaders of the world especially ASEAN world was attributable to collateral damage to Chinese Defense forces and its economic impact across the world. Today's PM visit to Leh admist warlike situation when both sides forces are on faceoff with eye to eye contact after suffering casualties from sides is a historical and unprecedented move to send a strong message to the entire world that we believe in peace but for the sovereignty and integrity of our motherland all 135 crores Indian are standing with our defense forces.

Will boycott China and Chinese goods in every sphere and sector.
Will make China repent our its aggressive and expansionist ideology.
Today's message is will galvanise Indian support from most of the affected countries.
Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Asia Pacific Region, Indian Ocean Region will be influenced by such a strong retaliation.

In years to come, this will severely impact the international, regional power centers.
Small and medium-sized countries suffering from Chinese economic and military dominance will tilt towards us to seek economic and military relationships & cooperation with us.
India will be an economic superpower in the near future. The voids created by Chinese mistrust and exploitation policies will be filled by our friendly, equal brotherhood softer policy. -

Col. Ravi Prakash Dahiya (Rtd.)
Commentator- Indo - China Relationship

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